The UN-NGO-GA aims to provide a sustainable and strong ground for closer collaborations with the UNGA and UN System, and Member States, as well as to enable all NGOs to promote, work, collaborate, partner, and disseminate all the UN relevant information much more effectively in and to every corner of the world. Accordingly, this newly defined alliance will also be an effective and direct mechanism in order to enhance and empower all parties that will be serving for the implementations of the UN Visions and Charter, fostering a global peace culture and improvement to lives of peoples world-wide in all equations.

This newly envisioned pyramid, as a new initiative and the counterpart of the UN-GA, aims to create a new, modern, democratic, interdependent, and a highly representative medium for the voices of all peoples around the world. The UN-NGO-GA will lay out the ground for this new and contemporary pyramid, whereas both DPI and ECOSOC-associated NGOs will be forming the left and right angles of it. The summit of this pyramid will also represent the UN-NGO-GA. With that, I imagine its Logo being embedded within the UN Logo as well as imagining it to launch with five thousands participants in New York in Fall or Winter 2014!.

Overall, this will be a magnificent achievement in multiple layers for the entire UN system as well as a form of “change” in real and positive terms globally.

Thank you very much for your consideration, time, initial support, and potential cooperation,

Best regards,

Bircan Ünver, Founding President &
Permanent Representative to the UN DPI-NGO of
The Light Millennium –
E-mail: /


Important Note to ALL UN-Associated NGOS:
If you consider to be a part of the Formation and Draft Committees of the envisioned UN NGO-GA as well as other related potential Committees and Sub-Committees, which will be in conjunction with the UN-GA Governing and Working Structure, your on-line membership “Subscription” is required.