We would like to present you an “Envisioned” Draft for UNNGOGA to be formed by the United Nations’ DPI and ECOSOC-Associated NGOS as well as by the support of UNGA and Member States of the United Nations.
Please note that this does not necessarily reflect the opinions and approvals of the DPI, DPI/NGO Executive Committee, ECOSOC, CONGO, UNGA, NGOS, UN and Member States at large. However, it is shared on the representative levels of the above mentioned institutions and entities.

The initial draft is dated 10/25/2012, and introduced briefly during the UN.DPI/NGO Networking Event. Revised and Expanded Draft was e-mailed and/or hard-copies were provided on Monday, 11/26/12. Both drafts were written by Bircan Ünver.
Initial and Expanded Drafts are inspired by the UNGA, UN Charter, and two statements of the 67th President of the UNGA. Principles section is inspired by the UN Academic Impact.