1) The Executive Committee of Non-Governmental Organizations Associated with the United Nations Department of Public Information (DPI-NGO-EXE-COMM): The Executive Committee was founded to promote a closer working relationship between the UN and NGOs associated with UN DPI, and acts as a liaison between the NGO community and the UN. (Taken from its website:

2) The Conference of NGOs with Consultative relationship with the United Nations – CONGO: For over 60 years, The Conference of NGOs in Consultative Relationship with the United Nations has been actively promoting the involvement of NGOs in the working of the United Nations.  (Taken from its website:

The above-mentioned two main bodies will jointly form the UN-NGOGA. It willunite both DPI and the ECOSOS-associated NGOs under the roofof the UN-NGOGA in order to work closely with the UN-General Assembly and support UN-GA resolutions and themes as a counter part of the UN-GA towards the implementation of the MDG#8 on the UN-General Assembly level and within the entire UN system as well as worldwide. Also, working closely with the member states, intergovernmental organizations, and private sector at one highest representative level initiative on behalf of the NGOs, it will build-up and present more than 3,500 thousand UN-associated NGOs over the coming years. (Author of this proposal has registered the following domain name for this purpose:


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Important Note to ALL UN-Associated NGOS:
If you consider to be a part of the Formation and Draft Committees of the envisioned UN NGO-GA as well as other related potential Committees and Sub-Committees, which will be in conjunction with the UN-GA Governing and Working Structure, your on-line membership ”Subscription” is required.