Open Letter: To the 73rd Session of the President of the UNGA

H.E. Mrs. Maria Fernanda Espinosa Garcés
President of the 73rd Session of the General Assembly
United Nations, New York
Her Excellency,

18 December 2018, New York

I would like to request Your Excellency’s support in forming the United Nations Non-Governmental Organizations General Assembly (UNNGOGA) and bring the all UN recognized NGOs under one-roof with the ultimate purpose to be accredited with an ‘’Observer’’ status and making it formally a part of the UNGA works. The initial concept was presented to the 67th Session President of the UNGA in 2012 (ref.

Furthermore, the UNNGOGA aims to be one of the “direct, true, counted, empowered, credited, needed, and indispensable” components and mandatory mechanisms of the UN-GA and UN System at large. Acting as a mirror of the UN to the world as well as devoted advocators on the grassroots level in every corner of the world. Also, it aims to bring all the United Nations-associated NGOs under one–single roof to distinguish them as indispensable components of negotiations, decision making, and voting process within the UN System.

In addition, I would like to refer to the The Curdoso Report (ref# 2 – A/59/354, 2004), which provides a needed and strong basis which states the following:
“The Secretary-General commends the report of the Panel to the attention of the General Assembly. Expanding and deepening the relationship with non-governmental organizations will further strengthen both the United Nations and the intergovernmental debates on issues of global importance. The Panel makes a compelling case for the United Nations to become a more outward-looking organization. Another important theme is the need for the United Nations to “connect the global with the local”. Building on the Panel’s proposals, the present report makes a number of concrete suggestions and actions in connection with increasing the participation of non-governmental organizations in intergovernmental bodies, the accreditation process, improving the involvement of non-governmental organizations from developing countries and strengthening of the institutional capacity of the United Nations for engagement with non-governmental organizations.”

Finally, I would like to highlight that the UNNGOGA aims to provide a sustainable and strong basis for closer collaborations with the UNGA and UN Intergovernmental System, and Member States, as well as to enable and mobilize all NGOs to promote, work, collaborate, partner, and disseminate all the UN relevant information much more effectively in two–ways and to-and-from every corner of the world. Accordingly, this newly defined alliance will also be an effective and direct mechanism in order to enhance and empower all parties that will be serving for the implementations of the UN Charter, SDGS, Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, Rule of Law, fostering a global Culture of Peace and improvement to the lives of peoples world-wide in all equations.

For your kind Excellency’s support and attention, please kindly find enclosed a Concept Note with all the details on the #UNNGOGA.

Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my consideration and esteem.

Sincerely yours,

(Ms.) Bircan Ünver, Founder-President & Head
NGO Representative to the United Nations Department of Public Information
The Light Millennium, A Charitable, Multi-Media & Culture Organizations
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Open Letter

Attachment (pdf): 1 2018-unngoga-concept-note