Below draft ideas to be considered to develop further by the UN-NGO-Executive Committee, CONGO, and UN NGO Community at large; and ideas by all interested parties in the form of support and paving the way towards forming the UN-NGO General Assembly officially in 2013 are welcome.

1. Official formation of the UN-NGO-GA under the NY State Law is envisioned to be accomplished in late 2013, and launching it in October or November 2014 in New York. It aims to be launched prior to 2015, so that the UN-NGO-GA officially could adopt a similar format to that of the UN-GA Governing Body works, in terms of representation and voting capacity as well as to be included for the next stage of the MDGS.

2. Voting process and result for a decision or a UN-NGO Assembly Resolution or supporting a UNGA will be transparent, be made available instantly online, and process and information will be open to all who will encourage involvement.

3. In terms of protocol for presentations during the UN-NGO Assembly, each NGO representative will have 5 minutes of duration, regardless of the size of the organization (for example: head, or main, or first alternative or youth rep; in particular, youth involvement will be endouraged). Duration might change depending on total members, participatory level, as well as technical, IT and other necessary capacities.

4. The entire event will be web-cast, and available to all.

5. The UN-NGO-GA will place particular emphasis on collaborations and partnerships among CSOS, relevant UN Entities, Member States, Government Agencies, and Private Sector.

6. Bylaws of the NGO GA will be drafted-debated by the By-Laws Committee under the Formation Committee, and will be approved by the majority of members.

7. Its voting mechanism in all matters will be based on majority; and equal participations by both DPI and ECOSOC-associated NGOs in its governing structure will be one of the basic principles.

8. Any changes, or amendment on By-Laws will be by the majority approval of the NGO-GA.

9. UN-NGO-GA Bylaws will be available on-line and globally to all interested parties from the early draft stage and on.

10. Office of the UN-NGO-GA will present to its all members a Draft Annual Budget online a month prior to the Fiscal Year and during the  Bi-Annual Gatherings.

11. Office of the NGO-GA will present and e-publish its annual Fiscal Year Financial Reports, such as 990 and CHAR500.

12. Any decision regarding fees, membership, fundraising events, in particular, request, pre-conditions for nominations to the presidency and Office of the UN-NGO-GA will be debated by the related subcommittees, and survey will be conducted within entire NGO Community in the UN.

13. Each proposal, process, and/or decision will be presented as a DRAFT to the NGO-GA periodically.

14. Fundraising activities – soliciting donations and/or ideas for events will be done through networking, annual fundraising events, and on-line.

15. Attendance to the related meetings and bi-annual gatherings, as in person, won’t be mandatory. Whoever cannot attend in person will be able to participate via SKYPE, on-line, e-mail, webcasting, proxy, etc.

16. UN-NGO-GA website will be launched independently by the related Committee that will be the global face of the UN-NGO-GA as well as it will seek to create its own Social Media.

17. Diversity and inclusion of the UN-NGO-GA Office and equal representation in all levels and means under the governing body, related committee and sub-committees will be a MUST.

18. No member, organization, religion, ethnicity, or race alone will be dominant within the formation of the NGO-General Assembly and Office of the President of the NGO-General Assembly and in all relevant committees, sub-committees and working groups.

19. Based upon its official formation and opening a dedicated bank account, an annual membership proposal will be introduced to the UN-NGO-GA (from $25 to $100 annual membership fee).

20. Collected membership dues solely will be used for launching the very first UN-NGO-GA and its related conferences, panels, programs, and publications.

21. Based upon its official formation date and depending on the date of opening a bank account as well as an approval date and place for the launching of the UN-NGO-GA, monthly or bi-monthly list of new members and collected dues will be post to its website.

22. All process, decisions, projects, proposals, practices, events, related budgets, various committee and subcommittee meetings and decisions will be open to all interested NGO reps and in full transparency and decisions will be made by the majority of the UN-NGO-GA.

23. President and Vice President/s of the UN-NGO-GA will be two terms/bi-annually through the votes of the majority (UN-GA Charter – Article 18/2 will be adopted***) and equal participations both DPI and ECOSOC-associated NGOs. The term for the Presidency and/or Vice Presidency will be restricted with one year. For each term, one will be elected from the DPI-associated, and other from the ECOSOC-associated NGOs. President and VP will be rotating within the same term.

24. Number of the people on Board of Directors, Committee and Subcommittee Members, Advisory Boards, Working Groups or any group that is developed and undertaken under the UN-NGO-GA will have equal number of representations both from the DPI and ECOSOS reps, as well as an equal number of representations in terms of gender balance and each committee will have one-youth representative.

25. No member and/or NGO rep will be serving more than a year, in particular, president, vice-president, chair or co-chairs of the committees, sub-committees, working groups and advisory board.

26. Nominees for the “Formation Committee” and/or “Temporary Board of Directors” will agree on contributing from $25 to $100 towards covering legal costs of the official formation process.

27. For collecting contributions towards the formation, and until the UN-NGO-GA is officially formed and has its own bank account, we could collaborate with “NYCharities.Org” in order to obtain contributions and have a monthly transparent report of transaction.

I am hoping that the DPI-NGO Executive Committee, CONGO, and UN-NGO Community at large will take the aforementioned core idea seriously, and guide it to the point of formation and implementation within the envisioned time-line. I am also hoping that DPI, ECOSOC, and UN-GA will be supporting this draft proposal full heartedly, which will prompt the official formation of the UN-NGO-GA by the end of 2013.

*   *   *   *   *

Important Note to ALL UN-Associated NGOS:
If you consider to be a part of the Formation and Draft Committees of the envisioned UN NGO-GA as well as other related potential Committees and Sub-Committees, which will be in conjunction with the UN-GA Governing and Working Structure, your on-line membership ”Subscription” is required.  http://www.unngoga.org