1. Uniting and synergizing all UN-associated NGOs under one umbrella: UN-NGO-GA

2. Providing a strong and sustained ground for closer collaboration for all NGOs through UN-NGO-GA, namely with the UN-GA, with all other major UN entities, such as UNICEF, UNESCO, UN-WOMEN, UN-Academic Impact, WHO, ILO, UNAOC, member states, and intergovernmental organizations.

3. Making the UN-NGOGA a true indispensable, transparent, and accountable component of the entire UN System.

4. Making the UN-NGO-GA a counterpart of the UN-GA as well as within the UN System as the core representative body for implementing and strengthening of the following UN motto and philosophy:
“We the peoples… A stronger UN for a better world.” 

5. Imposing the UN System for taking necessary measures for UN-NGO-GA to be included in the “BEYOND the 2015” as one of the key stakeholders in the UN and at the member state level.

6. Developing a peculiar, permanent/sustainable mechanism and pathway with the support of the UNGA. Regardless of size and/or operational budget, without leaving anyone behind, each UN NGO should be encouraged and empowered to develop a form of collaboration with member state/s relevant with the UN-GA Resolutions and UN Charter, which is also inline with the Principles, Article#1. 

7. Empowering all NGOs within the entire UN System and on the Member State level in order to enable them to carry out the Visions-Resolutions and Programs of the UN to every corner of the world much more efficiently and effectively.

8. Under the roof of the UN-NGO-GA, as one of the envisioned largest representative bodies of the world, it will be empowered, given priority and importance by the UN’s core body, such as GA and Member States, with necessary tools and capacity in order to be placed with an effective role for “positive change” within the existing matrix of the global equation.

9. In conjunction with the Annual UN-GA Gatherings, also making the NGO-GA to be one of the indispensable and necessary team players of the UN-International Conferences, Conventions, Summits, High Level Meetings, Treaties and Forums.

*   *   *   *   *

Important Note to ALL UN-Associated NGOS:
If you consider to be a part of the Formation and Draft Committees of the envisioned UN NGO-GA as well as other related potential Committees and Sub-Committees, which will be in conjunction with the UN-GA Governing and Working Structure, your on-line membership ”Subscription” is required.  http://www.unngoga.org