Special Thanks To:

Harvey Dupiton, The New Foundation (Initial Draft – 10/25/2012), and

Figen Bingul, The Light Millennium (both initial and expanded drafts), for their help in editing of this proposal.

Charles Hitchcock, Chair of the UN DPI-NGO Executive Committee, and Representative of the International Peace Action to the UN – DPI, for encouraging me to write my idea to him at an early stage, which led to the Initial Draft,  and its brief Introduction during the DPI-NGO Networking Event at the Church Center on October 25, 2012 (LM-UN-DPI-NGO-COMM-DRAFT-1). Mr. Hitchcock also  gave an  opportunity to briefly introduce the (Envisioned) Revised and Expanded Draft to the Board Members of the DPI NGO-Executive Committee during its meeting on Thursday, December 6, 2012.

Richard Jordan, International Council for Caring Communities- ICCC United Nations NGO Representative, for his feedback and questions for the Initial Draft, dated: October 25, 2012.

Dr. Sorosh Roshan, President, International Health Network, for her willingness to collaborate and working together for the envisioned initiative.

John L. German,  Main Representative to the United Nations, and Member of the Board of Trustees, People to People International, for his  outreach support.


Isa Alemdag, IT Consultant of The Light Millennium, and Founder of the Horon Solutions (http://www.horon.com) – for his enormous support and given time developing this website .